Is there a Pass or Fail for Home Inspections?  

Clients often ask me during the inspection, “So how is it looking?” and “Did the home pass the inspection?” The answer is there is no answer! The purpose of a home inspection is to identify potential expensive repairs or items needing replacement, and also to point out deficiencies from a safety standpoint that need immediate attention. 

Sometimes clients are a bit confused and want a black and white answer. As a Home Inspector my job is to identify the points above, and remain neutral. Different buyers have different plans. One may be thinking of renovating an aging property, whereas another looking at the same property may be planning to bulldoze the entire home, in order to rebuild on the land.

When someone asks if I would buy the home, I generally defer to the professional association I am a member of and explain that my opinion shouldn’t sway their decision either way. When you receive my report, it is in depth and covers all areas noted to be in deficiency or safety issues, and the recommendations should guide you to your overall decision.

So even though there is no pass and fail for a Home Inspection, having one done is extremely important in order to identify issues to help you make your purchase decision. Any issues found also give you leverage with negotiation of the price depending on what’s found.

Check out these pictures of a recently inspected property… Would you buy this? Just don’t ask me, I can’t answer that for you!