Signs Your Roof May Need Replacing

Your roof is one of the most important areas of your home, protecting from the elements. Most new roofs last years, but poor installation, hail and severe weather, and especially time, are factors in how long the roof will last. The following issues indicate the roof is in need of replacement.

Missing shingles

Sometimes shingles are lost in high winds. Generally, missing shingles can be repaired easily and cheaply. If there are numerous shingles missing or you have shingles missing frequently it’s a sign the roof is needing to be replaced.

Granule loss

If you notice a lot of small rubber granules on your sidewalk, deck or in your gutters, there’s a good chance you need a new roof. These granules are the component of shingles that protect the shingle from the elements, so if they are degrading and falling off, your roof is not protecting the home.

Curled or Clawed shingles

Shingles that are curled up, or folded up like a claw indicate that the shingle has worn enough to lose any protection. Moisture build up below the shingle as well as old shingles tend to do this.

Moisture under the roof

Moisture build up in the attic leads to mold, and if found, indicates issues with the roof. When shingles are damaged, water is able to penetrate the roof and cause issues in the attic. Things to look for as a homeowner are wet or damp insulation, water staining on wood framing, and mold itself. As always, hire a professional to confirm the issues and give you the best advice.