Fall Maintenance Tips

As fall is quickly turning to winter here in Alberta, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder weather. Keeping up with some simple home maintenance will protect your investment, and keep your home comfortable.

Clean the gutters

Gutters accumulate leaves, twigs and other debris over the spring and summer. Cleaning your gutters can be done on your own with the help of a solid ladder and bucket to scrape the debris into. Clogged gutters prevent the water coming off your roof to be transported away from the home properly. If you’re not a fan of ladders, there are many companies out there that can do the job for you.

Change your Filters

A new air filter will help the heating system in your home work more efficiently, and also improves air quality, which in turn helps keep your family safe from respiratory issues. Remember to write down the size of your filter so you know what to buy at the store. Most filters should be switched out every 3 months, although a home with pets, smokers or families with allergies may want to switch them out monthly.

Check your windows and Doors

Have a look and feel around your windows and doors feeling for drafts. Adding or replacing caulking around windows and adding or replacing proper weather-stripping will go a long way to prevent cold air getting in, which will increase heating costs over the winter.

Test your detectors

Having a properly working smoke and CO detector is important for safety and should be added to the home maintenance list. Pick a date, or include it in your Fall Maintenance list each year. Find all the detectors in your home and push the test button to confirm they operate. Then switch out the batteries for new ones.