Skipping a Home Inspection? Not a Good Idea.

Thinking of skipping a home inspection to get your dream home ahead of others…. Here’s the hidden costs of skipping a home inspection:

Unknown Safety Hazards:

A home inspection takes several hours to complete and can identify safety issues during that time. Items such as electrical hazards, carbon monoxide hazards and fire hazards can be noted during the inspection.

Need for expensive repairs or replacements:

A home inspector knows how homes are built, but also how they fall apart and what to look for.  Items that may be hidden by nature or design may cause new homeowners problems and a lot of money.

No Maintenance Plan for the home:

Home Inspectors can also provide advice on future maintenance needs of a home to ensure the buyer understands what they may need to do. Having a maintenance list for the next 5 or 10 years can not only help the homeowner budget for it, but may also help making the decision to purchase the house. A less expensive house may need more repairs/replacements where a more expensive house may be ok for a longer period – the buyer can then choose what works best for them.

Home Inspection Bargaining Chip:

The home inspection can help in negotiating the final selling price and other related costs.

If there are replacement/repairs that need to be done, then without the home inspection, you have one less item to bargain with. If the home inspection turns up some major issues, it allows you a legal contractual out if it’s listed as a condition of sale.

What to do if you have bought a home without an inspection:

If you made the decision to skip the home inspection to get your dream home, it’s still very important for homeowners to be aware of any maintenance and safety issues.  This will allow the homeowner to plan their maintenance based upon the urgency and deal with any safety concerns immediately.